Thursday, October 16, 2008

Artisans of Time, Books I, II, & III

New Science Fiction Book Follows the Adventures of Seven Extraordinary Teens.

Every teenager dreams of striking out on their own and doing something extraordinary. In the new book "Artisans of Time: Books I, II, & III" (published by iUniverse), M. Jude Gove tells the story of seven teens who are transported from Earth to the distant planet of Nur for the purpose of saving its inhabitants from annihilation and by extension, Earth itself.

As the teens begin to explore the alien world and meet its inhabitants, the Ge'mell, they realize that their presence there is no accident. The seven discover that Ge'mell from the future have brought them to this far-off planet. The heroes' purpose on Nur is to aid the Ge'mell in the present with their centuries-old struggle against the ruthless Varnif. Once allies, the Ge'mell and the Varnif have been at war for over 200 years. The Ge'mell were once the technologically superior of the two races. However, the Ge'mell were scattered across the Galaxy after the destruction of their home world by the Varnif.

The journey of the seven young heroes is chronicled by a reporter named Ed Dalton. As "Artisans of Time" opens, Dalton is approached by an older gentleman who tells him a tale that is so far-fetched as to be virtually impossible.
Not surprisingly, Dalton does not believe what he is told.
However, after checking parts of the gentleman's story, Dalton's curiosity is peaked and he decides to pursue the story. What he uncovers is more than he could have ever imagined:

As we went further into the cave, we could see it didn't go
completely through the mountain at all. Instead, something
metallic was reflecting the light from the entrance, as well
as our flashlight beams, back at us. We kept walking towards
the reflection, but it didn't seem to be getting any closer.
Finally, we decided to head back to the bus. Dan figured if
we told one of the instructors what we had found that it
would peak their curiosity also, and they would want to get
out some of their equipment they brought and completely
explore the cave. That was all forgotten when we stepped
back out of the cave entrance. All of us were in total
shock. Finally, Dianna muttered in a soft voice, "We're not
in Kansas anymore!"

"Artisans of Time" bends both time and space. The epic adventure that the seven young heroes embark on will spark the imagination of science fiction fans young and old alike.
The intricate plot, rich narrative and compelling characters make this a must-read for any science fiction fan.

M. Jude Gove is a native of Arizona. He began writing this epic when he was in high school and published his first book in 2001. "Artisans of Time, Books I, II, & III" completes the series first published as "Rings of the Gods" and folds the first two books into one volume along with the third book, completing the trilogy.
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