Saturday, January 3, 2009

10% off Futurama T-shirts!

What an awesome cartoon. Not as funny or irreverent as Southpark, but still an excellent series. Use Coupon Code: mrfreeze and Save 10% of Any Order in January!

Big Bender Futurama 3 T Shirt: link
Nothing like a big drunken robot staring right in your face! This is a navy colored Futurama T Shirt featuring Bender in all his glory.

Bender Brau Beer Futurama 3 T Shirt: link
Nothing like cold dusion steamed beer! Refreshing and not with the bitter radioactive aftertaste you'll find in other beers. Drink only Bender Brau Beer. An awesome black t shirt with a screen printed image of Futurama's Bender sporting a full pitcher of his ownbrewed Bender Brau Beer.

Futurama City 3 T Shirt: link
This is a cream colored Futurama City T Shirt featuring Bender, Fry and Lela.

Bender The Offender 3 T Shirt: link
Futurama Bender The Offender (Double Sided) T Shirt Ahhhh, two for the price of one.

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